Canelo – Sunny Mexico city ,MX

Hello, we are proud to announce that we have flown our first puppy to Mexico city MX ! Canelo  formerly Sunny  from Nila and Jud litter. We can now ship any puppy internationally.  We are happy to share the contact from his family…

Canello- In Mexico

Dear Gail,
It has been a week already since Canelo came to us. He is such a wonderful being!
Every morning I take him for a walk a 7am after my girls go to school. He loves so much to walk through the fresh wild grass that grows along the path. I love to see him discovering this new world!!
Besides beautiful I guess the word that better describes him is gentle.  I just can imagine how much love surrounded him durung his early days in your house with your family!
I am so happy he is part of my family now!!! And of course bonds with your kind and caring family of yours!!!
I will keep you posted as he grows. And the next week I would love to skype to hear your expert advise on how to raise this beautiful breed!
A big hug from Mexico!!!.